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I added the following line to $ date ; sudo service ntp stop ; sudo ntpdate -s gov ; sudo service ntp start ; date Thu Jan 1 UTC 1970 * Stopping NTP server ntpd [ OK ] * Starting NTP server [ OK ] Thu Feb 14 UTC 2013 notice the '-b' flag on ntpdate.From ntpdate's man page: "Force the time to be stepped using the settimeofday() system call, rather than slewed (default) using the adjtime() system call.If you are booting multiple Linux distributions on the same machine, you might face the problem of inconsistent time zone settings across distributions.

It doesn't matter that the hardware clock is now set correctly, you can still reset the clock once to make sure that every distribution you multi-boot recognizes the hardware clock as set to the local time.

NTP (Network Time Protocol) is the time protocol that most servers in the world use to keep in sync.

Most companies will have a local NTP server that they keep in sync with an external timing source and then they have all of their internal servers sync their time with that machine.

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This question shows how to stop automatic time update (and switch to manual): How to stop automatic time update?

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