Gold dating letter

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"3" indicates 1993, or a"93" would indicate the same).

Some top of the line Epiphones were producedin the U. at either Gibson's Nashville or Montana facilities in the 1990s.

Sponsor Mark Also referred to as the makers mark, the first stamp in the photo indicates who submitted the item for hallmarking. Fineness Mark The third stamp in our example photo is the fineness mark.

This tells you the precious metal content, expressed in parts per thousand.

This post is a simple platinum hallmark guide, which we hope you find useful.This updated system utilizes an impressed eightdigit numbering scheme that covers both serializing and dating functions.The pattern is as follows: YDDDYPPP YY is the production year DDD is the day of the year PPP is the plant designation and/or instrument rank.Jodie Gold is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera East Enders, played by Kylie Babbington. On 24 October 2011, it was announced Babbington's contract would not be renewed and Jodie departed on 14 November 2011, along with Poppy Meadow (Rachel Bright).Originally introduced as a love interest for Darren Miller (Charlie G.

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