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She ought to be shattered, but as she sweeps into the YOU photo shoot, a vision of caramel-skinned, sinuous beauty with voluminous hair and carmine lipstick, a hunk of olive bread and profanely calorific French cheese in her hand (yes, people, she eats! The single is breathy, sexy and, thanks to an almost criminally catchy chorus, has the words ‘sure-fire summer hit’ running through it like a stick of rock.

), she is cresting such a tsunami of energy it’s impossible not to get swept up.‘I love British people! Truth be told we weren’t at all bubbly ten minutes ago, quite the opposite. But Nicole fizzes with such a surfeit of – to use her own catch phrase – ‘shamazing’ effervescence, that just as the Queen probably thinks her kingdom smells like fresh paint, the former X Factor sweetheart and singer is under the bizarre impression that the UK is peopled by irrepressible euphorics. It’s also one of the reasons why, after two series spent watching Nicole laughing, weeping (she even cries prettily), gasping and emoting on The X Factor judging panel, the nation has taken the ex-Pussycat Doll to its heart. Of course we know there is promotion to be done and personal appearances to be made, and then there are those kooky Müller yoghurt adverts on the go, but surely, Nicole, can’t you just juggle a little harder and squeeze The X Factor into your schedule?

Third is that it might bring on feelings of inferiority in the victim. For example, a person might not personally feel jealousy or inferiority at infidelity, but might not want to be the victim of it because of how the relationship will be perceived by the community.

Her pop pedigree is impeccable: she was in a girl band that won Popstars, the forerunner of American Idol, before being cast as the lead vocalist in the burlesque Pussycat Dolls, a 50-million-record-selling band who were once supported on tour by the then relative unknowns Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

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These can be difficult conversations, because merely talking about cheating makes one think that somebody wants to do it: “May I comment with flirty things on my ex-boyfriends’ facebook photos?

” I’ve known people who have had increasingly flirtatious and ultimately sexual email correspondence with someone other than their committed partner (I’ll refer to such people as “someone other” from now on). There are some possible evolutionary roots for the jealousy brought on by cheating. That is, men in particular have a (genetic) motivation to make sure they don’t raise kids that are not theirs. Sexual relationships can be (or can be interpreted) as a sign of growing closer to someone other.

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